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How do I get there?

You can find us on google maps looking for Emalissa Beach Houses.

You can come by bus or taxi…If you want we can organise your taxi or give you the contact of taxi drivers.



How do we do for groceries?

You can stop by at La Colonia in Rivas on your way to the houses or buy local.

  • Fishs and lobsters directly with the local fishermen ( look for the boat’s arrival on Santana beach , 5 minutes south).
  • Supermarket Oscar Castillo , Las Salinas.
  • Small shops in the village Limon 2 ( pulperias)
  • Veggies trucks passing in front of the houses, talking with a microphone ( Sometimes they have eggs & chicken)
  • Supermarket Maxipali & La Colonia in Rivas ( 1 hour drive)


Any good restaurants close by?

Best restaurants of all the area are close:

  • LAS PALMAS (2 min walk from the beach houses, John is a really good cook ( Only open on monday, he also has prepared dishes)).
  • LA CALABRIA ( Pizzas)
  • CHA CHA CHA at Buena Onda
  • YOLANDA’S CAFE (Local food in a real local spot! Yolanda will treat you like her family.)
  • La Finca y El Mar @Rancho Santana 


The area is safe and we have guards 24/7 with a private security company checking the place.

Check In / Check Out?

Check In is at 3 Pm

Check Out is at 11Am.

If the house is not rented before or after, we’re flexible ( We’ll let you know a few days prior your arrival)

Informations about the area/ houses?

A few days before your arrival we’ll send you a link of the house directory with all the informations about the house and the area ( Map of the area with Bars, Restaurants, Shops, Surf Spots etc…).


Yes, each house has its own router, connection is pretty good.

How do I book a house?

Just send us a message and we’ll give you all the details.


Hope to see you soon at the Beach Houses at Popoyo – Nicaragua